Murphy Schaff

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Hi! My name is Murphy Schaff, I am a Computer Science alumnus from the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. As a computer scientist, I have been dedicated to creating useful, secure, and open-source code.

I am pursuing the CompTIA Security+ certification and pursuing a master’s degree in computer science.

I enjoy playing Tennis and going to the gym in my free time.

The best ways to contact me are through a direct messsage on LinkedIn or email at murphy.schaff(at)gmail(dot)com



Description: C# Windows application that contains a variety of playable games, for when lectures are boring. Games include Tic-Tac-Toe, War, Battleship, Yahtzee, Minesweeper, Checkers, Super Tic-Tac-Toe, and Word Guess.

Language/Framework: C# with .NET, Development Environment: Visual Studio, Platform: Windows

Link To Project: GitHub

Airline Flight Comparison Tool

Description: Software Engineering class group project. A website that allows a user to find flights from a given starting and ending location based on price, times, and number of layovers. Provides automatic search suggestions based on user input. Uses Google Maps API to provide a visual representation of different flight options, and OpenSky Network to gather flight data.

Language/Framework: Python with Django, Development Environment: Visual Studio Code, Platform: Website

Link To Project: GitHub


Description: Computer Security class project developed with Ryan Du Plooy that demonstrates examples of security concepts from a trojan horse, buffer overflow, spyware, as well as password hashing, checksums, and password policies.

Language/Framework: C, Development Environment: Visual Studio Code, Platform: Ubuntu

Link To Project: GitHub

SimpleMark Desktop

Description: Python-based reminders application that allows the user to create lists of 'Marks' to be reminded about based on a deadline. Works on Windows Desktop. SimpleMark includes a graphical user interface, one-time-pad encryption of mark data, and an installer to install a fresh version of the program.

Language/Framework: Python, Development Environment: Visual Studio Code, Platform: Windows

Link To Project: GitHub